Website Review: PaperBack Swap

What: The Budget Ecoist takes a look at the book swap website, Paperback Swap

The Lowdown: PaperBack Swap allows members to swap books with one another (not just paperbacks) for the cost of shipping (around $2.00). My girlfriend, a fellow avid reader, told me about this website after I had dropped $70 on the new books I had to have. Nice timing . . . I ran home to my computer and immediately joined.  You can conveniently print out shipping and mail from home by merely wrapping your printed shipping information out on two pieces of paper. No boxes needed! How eco is that?

The Bottom Line: Since you are exchanging book for book and paying only modest shipping costs, PaperBack Swap is less expensive than used bookstores that buy books back (though that is another good option). You might have to wait a bit to get more popular titles, but you would encounter the same issue at a used bookstore. And this way, you at least get put on a waiting list.

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