Web Round-Up: Savory Slow Cooking

The Budget Casa brings you links from around the web on what’s hot for your home:

~ During the winter months, nothing warms you up as well as a hot, hearty meal, and slow cookers make this easy and affordable. From ways to cut down on prep time to using your crock-pot safely, Familyfun.com has some of the best tips to get you started (read article here).

~ Many of us have turned up our noses at using slow cookers, mainly because the recipes tend to call for high fat ingredients like cream soups and fatty meats. Never fear! Linda Larsen, About.com’s expert on busy cooks, has some fabulous, healthy recipes for your slow cooker. These are definitely not your grandma’s crock-pot recipes! (get recipes here).

~ Don’t have a slow cooker yet? Amazon.com makes it easy to compare prices, sizes and brands of slow cookers (like the Elite 8.5-quart slow cooker and the Rival 5-quart crock-pot), as well as get reviews from people who have used each model (compare and shop here) .

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