Fashion Advice: Can I Wear White After Labor Day?


Dear Budget Fashionista,

I recently splurged and bought an off-white DKNY trenchcoat…it’s lovely!  Do the old rule apply (don’t wear white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day) still?  HELP!  How can I wear my gorgeous off-white trenchcoat?

Answer: Throw those old rules out.. you can now wear white anytime of the year without breaking any fatal fashion rules. The trick is to pair it with a color that is more traditional for that season. For example,  in the spring, before Memorial Day, pair the trench with a light color like light green, rose, or even turquoise blue. After labor day, pair the trenchcoat with a darker, more traditional fall color like brown, black, or a deep purple.

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  1. says

    Life’s too short for don’t-wear-white rules.

    I like the advice of Janis Joplin:  “If you bought it today, don’t wait to wear it tomorrow.”

    (If I lived in NYC, I’d probably ignore her, though.)

  2. lisa says

    I hate all those old rules. The point of fashion is to dress how you want. I wear white after labor day, and I mix black with navy, and I’m proud of it!

  3. DJW says

    As a matter of fact, I just saw a DKNY Belted Trench Coat on for $78.90, which is 50% off! They have L and XL in both White and Black.

  4. says

    I agree, out with the old rules.  Wear whatever you like. Stand out in the crowd.
    White shoes after Labor Day sure, but not in the dead of winter.  That’s just wrong.

    SoHo Accessories

  5. says

    In April, I wrote about discarding those antiquated rules that limit our fashion choices. Thanks TBF for showing us how to make white work in all seasons!

  6. says

    In Kuwait, we don’t have that white rule. I don’t understand why they have it? Could you explain? On a seperate note, I love that trenchcoat!

  7. Morgan says

    Oh my god, I want this coat!! I can’t find it online, does anyone know how I can get my hands on this coat pictured here?? Thanks…

  8. manasvi says

    Loves this coat! thanks so much for this article. I have a thick cotton peacoat with brass buttons that is a big fixture of my fall style. I wear it with cognac boots and navy skinnies. Thanks alot for this article TBF! With the peacoat, I feel like a sassy female soldier of olden times!

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