Weardrobe.com: Site Review

Beyond the pics and brief rundowns, the site also features contests—pitting community member entries in a specific weekly category (this week, it’s blazers) with actual prizes being awarded (this week, a $50 H&M gift card).

Looking for an idea on how to wear a specific piece? There’s a basic search function, and since photos are tagged by things like category, color, store, you have a reasonable chance to find what you’re looking for. We typed in “shift dress” for example, and came up with several pages featuring dresses worn with blazers, tights, boots, pumps, belts, scarves . . . well, you get the picture.

So far, good, but not lighting us on fire. But how about this? Sign up for free, and you can log-in to the Weardrobe closet, where you can, if you are an active member, sign up to borrow anything inside—they pick 10 a week. Seriously. They even pay the shipping—including return shipping. Okay, now they’ve got our attention.

Our verdict: It’s a yea. It’s basic, but basic isn’t always a bad thing. And it’s also free. Perfect.

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