Weardrobe.com: Site Review

Fashion isn’t just about shopping—it’s also about inspiration. But where to find it? If you live in a style-centric locale like New York City or Paris, just step out your front door. For the rest of us, finding creative style stimulation isn’t always so easy. Which is why we dig (and, okay, probably waste ridiculous amounts of time on) fashion community sites—loosely defined as a site where users post pics of themselves or others wearing cute and creative ensembles. Weardrobe.com is one of the latest, and since it made its way onto our radar, we decided to click over and see what they have to offer.

Our review: Knowing there are plenty of fashion community sites out there, what we’re looking for is what makes Weardrobe.com different, and useful. The site itself is, well, straightforward and blog-like—scroll down through the entries and you’ll see member-posted (and surprisingly high quality) pics of said ensembles with accompanying narratives as to what the item or items are and why this particular wearer loves them. Simple.

At first glance (meaning clicking through a page or two) what we love is that the items posted (unlike some fashion community sites) are NOT all out-of-our-reach designer pieces (because, seriously, who wouldn’t be able to look good in those?). Instead, there’s a Forever21 skirt ; an Urban Outfitters necklace; an H&M dress—and all are put together by the wearers in ways that, quite frankly, look just as good as any designer piece you could wager them against. Which has always been our point here at The Budget Fashionista anyway, so we feel right at home.

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