We Like Her Style: Crystal of 11:11 Make a Wish

Location: Ohio, Michigan
Link: 11:11 Make a Wish
Celebrity Style Twin: A quirky mix of Mary Kate Olsen and Catherine Baba, the stylist.
Favorite store: Goodwill.
Signature Piece: Doesn’t have a singular signature piece but tends to put together outfits with lots of layers and movement.
How Would You Describe Your Style?: A slightly demented take on elegance with a dash of boho thrown in for good measure.

Why We Love Her Style: Crystal is the poster girl for high meets low chic. Her aesthetic is almost defined by thrifted pieces, mixed with lots of strong accessories and a reminiscent, retro feel to her jackets. Lace edges and colorful, small clutches dominate exemplifying her attention to detail. Clean lines and lots of art inspiration pictures make for interesting viewing. The clothes are a teensy bit wayward so you get the feel of a sort of sartorial self expression of a mixed personalit, someone who veers towards elegance but is free spirited under the hood. And, oh, she lives in the midwest NOT New York.

Crystal of 11:11

Crystal of 11:11

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