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  1. BarkingDogShoes says

    I love tights in bright colors to brighten my outfit. TJ Maxx always has the best selection of Hue and Hot Sox tights in fun colors and patterns on the CHEAP.

  2. aroe225 says

    The best tights for those on a budget (or anyone!) are from the Assets line at Target.  From the inventor of Spanx!

  3. Jenn_theglamourgirl says

    I am in full-blown tight mode!  I keep mine simple-thick, grey, black or brown with ribbing-because my legs aren’t tiny.  If you have the legs, go for the patterns and funky colors!

  4. says

    Tights will always be making their way into fashion! I know they had gone away for a little bit and then came back with different designs and styles as well as colors. Just like everything else in fashion they will keep coming out with more and more variations.

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