Use Tights To Boost Your Style on a Budget

Don’t have a bundle to spend on clothes but desperate to add a little life to that ho-hum basic wardrobe? One word…. tights. Okay, or stockings, too, but the point is we’re not talking basic black or nude. Kick things up with some pattern, texture and color, and pair them with tunics, sweater dresses, and skirts of all kinds—even the super-hot leather skirts we’re seeing.

Just remember that wearing brightly colored tights will draw attention to your legs (so if you’re not as confident about your gams, you might want to skip the bright purple tights). Why are tights a great idea? They are high-impact in the style department (especially these awesome tights from Modcloth, which come in plus-sizes too), they can be had for super cheap, AND they keep your legs warm (they also make great holiday gifts—hint, hint).

Awesome Fall Tights

Black Embellished

Black Tights

1. Bowing Up Tights, $14.99 at Modcloth 
2. Women Lace Tights, $9.50 at Old Navy
3. I Spiral Tights, $24.99 at


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