Want to See The Budget Fashionista on Oprah?

Hmmmm: Kathryn Finney Want to See The Budget Fashionista on Oprah? and Oprah Winfrey—it’s almost like a match made in heaven. After all, Oprah is already Kathryn’s BFF (in her head, right alongside Andre Leon Talley). So TBF-loving peeps, would you like to see Kathryn dishing on budget fashion and shopping on Oprah? Us too! It’s a possibility, but nothing’s been confirmed, so we’re thinking a little help from our tireless supporters (that’s you) would be a huge boost towards making it a reality. SO, here’s what we’re asking:

Go to the “Contact Us” page at Oprah.com, and click on either “Send In Your Thoughts” or “Send Us Your Show Suggestions”—then tell them all about us! While you’re at it, you could send your message to “Oprah’s Mail” as well—what could it hurt?

We appreciate all the love you all give us, and so many big thanks in advance for your support on this—we couldn’t do it without you! As for details, we’ll keep you posted . . .

Oh, and in the meantime, be sure to catch Kathryn’s top tips in her new series, The Budget Fashionista’s Economic Survival Guide!