Wal-Mart: Love it or Hate it?

I recently received an email from a loyal reader, expressing anger over my sometime promotion of discount giant Wal-Mart. Although I don’t believe that Wal-Mart is a corporate saint, I also don’t think they are the devil hiding behind a yellow smiley face. Their Faded Glory jeans, retail $14.95, are some of the best jeans I’ve ever bought. It’s easy to bust on the store when you live in a major metropolitan area, but if you live in a small town like Elizabeth City, NC- Wal-Mart is the only shop in town. Regardless, the reader brings up a very interesting question. As budget shoppers, what do we do when what’s good for our pocket book conflicts with what’s good for our community? Is there a happy medium? Do you think Wal-Mart gets a bad rep because it doesn’t have cool ads and fashion week shows? If Wal-Mart was featured in an episode of Sex and the City, do you think that Wal-Mart would be the “spot”?

Read her email and post your own comments.


Here’s her email:

“I really am a fan of your site and what you represent but I will not
continue to call you “fashionable,” in the least or share your site
with others if you spread the word of such a morally irresponsible
company as Wal-Mart(especially when if comes to Women’s Rights…shame
on you) as a place to shop for deisgner discounts. You’re promoting
the sale of sweatshop produced clothing that is in turn sold for so
low because of corrupt business practice. Basically you’re telling
your bevy of readers that saving a few dollars for the sake of fashion
is cool no matter what the putting those savings into their pockets
AND keeping their employees from having health benefits, proper rights
like bathroom breaks… if you consider this stylish in your book,
then I may not be buying yours afterall. Take responsibility for what
you preach.”