Walmart & QVC Announce their 2011 Spring Scarf & Hat Collection

What: Walmart & QVC announce their 2011 Spring scarf & hat collection with pricing around $5 an item.

What They Say: “The Spring 2011 scarf collection features trend-driven fun florals, chambrays, plaids, crochets and tassels in soft violets, melons, blues and tans.  They are the perfect Spring accessory!

The Spring 2011 hat collection features canvas fedoras, floppy sunhats, a number of various cadet styles, plaid caps, bucket hats and more.”

What We Say: The price tags for this line definitely caught our eye–$5 for a scarf sounds awesome, but, of course, we hope the items are good quality as well. The scarves in the look book features tons of floral—we get it, it’s for spring—along with some tie-dye, stripes, crocheting, animal prints and more. You want the summery scarf look? Well Walmart & QVC have got it and we like most of their selection. As for their hats, they’re not bad. We do like they’re summer straw hats, one of our fav looks for the warm weather. But, there are visors too. Do people wear visors anymore if they’re not playing tennis? We kind of hope not. Anyway, the bottom line is these are accessories of which we like to have an assortment to choose from. With everything under $10, we won’t feel so bad buying more than one.

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