Wal-Mart Goes Green

Wal-Mart, the biggest retailer in the world, recently launched a new commitment to promoting “green” practices at the company (using energy saving light bulbs, etc) and to selling “green” products to the masses.

The green clothing for women, cause that is what we care about, is butt ugly. I mean, geez, they could have at least tried. The men’s green clothing, which is limited to a few graphic print tee, isn’t bad.

However, the real winners are the “green” baby clothes, like the set shown to above (on clearance for $8.00). 

Shop Wal-Mart Green


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  1. DonJohn says

    Although it’s a good idea, they’re “green” products have not impressed me.  Even their men’s “green” clothing seems to be lacking on the graphic tees.  I only look to buy graphic tees from the nicer department stores like Lord and Taylor. I admit I haven’t seen the baby clothes though.  I’ll have to check those out before I comment!

  2. Lucky says

    I just took a peek at their “green” clothing. Personally, I think it’s horrible. I bet Isaac Mizrahi knows how to work with some “green” fabrics! (I wish he would, too.)

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