Breaking News: Wal-Mart to New York?

What: Rumors are circulating that big big box retailer Wal-Mart is looking into the possibility of opening a store in New York City. The retailer is looking into space in the outer boroughs (Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island for folks outside of NYC).

What Wal-Mart said in Crain’s New York:

“Now, more than any other time in recent memory, New York City residents want and need better access to our stores so they are not forced to travel to New Jersey or Long Island to benefit from the savings Wal-Mart provides for working families,” wrote a spokesman, Philip Serghini, in an e-mail message. “Hopefully we will be able to bring a store to New York in the near future.”

What We Say: If KMart can open a store in Manhattan and Target open several stores in the outer boroughs, why can’t Wal-Mart? The big issue appears to be getting labor unions on board, a problem that the retailer has yet to work out, however Wal-Mart’s labor issues aren’t isolated, Target and Kmart both have their issues as well and were able to open stores in the area.

What do you think about Wal-Mart coming to NYC?

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