Shopping News: Wal-Mart to Buy Tommy Hilfiger?

—There’s a rumor that Wal-Mart is looking to purchase Tommy Hilfiger. If anyone knows any more details on this, please send me an email. It looks like Wal-Mart is positioning itself to compete directly with the Mizrahi brand at Target.

—The ultra high end luxury site, Net-a porter is launching a magazine with the first volume coming out in Spring 2006. The cost of the book/magazine/catalog is 25 pounds (about $40-$60 depending on the exchange rate). I imagine it’s going to be like the much coveted Neiman Marcus holiday gift book. I’m excited because I can finally afford to buy something from the site.

—Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown isn’t the name of my autobiography, but a site dedicated to giving poor and unknown folks as much recognition as the rich and famous. Not fashion, but pretty funny and I had to just share it with you.

—The Shoe Stor site is giving away 100 clear shoe boxes to one winner from their mailing list. The contest ends Oct. 28th.

—For moms—Fresh off an appearance in Woman’s Day Magazine, is well on its way to becoming THE online community to swap used children’s clothing. Visit the site for more details


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