Wal-Mart: the New Amazon for Apparel?

What: Dirt-cheap clothes. Check. Celeb fashion collabs. Check. Monopoly on the online shopping market? Getting there. Wal-Mart has just expanded its site to include one million new items, including apparel. The twist is the new inventory is from outside retailers. Like this $19 clutch from eBags.

What They Say:

Retail consultant Burt Flickinger III said Wal-Mart can use online sales as a growth area, especially considering how the company’s stores have saturated much of the U.S. market. He said Wal-Mart also can draw online customers from the European continent and South Korea, where it no longer has stores.

What We Say: Hey, anything that makes online shopping easy and affordable is very much welcome around these parts. We guess it’ll take a long time before we think of Wal-Mart as an online shopping search engine, but we’ve no doubt the retail giant will get there if it tries hard enough! Thoughts?

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  1. Mocha.Mammi says

    mmmmmmmmmm NOT too keen on the idea of Wally-Mart being an online shopping search engine.  I’ll need to see what type of clothing and brands they offer.

  2. says

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