Wal-Mart Shoe Recall

What: Did you buy shoes from Wal-Mart in January or December of 2008? If your answer is “yes,” watch your step. Black, grey, and purple “sling-back, pointed-toe shoes sold under the George brand” may cause a fall, due to flimsy/easily breakable heels. So, take them back to Wal-Mart, get a full refund, and shop for a sturdier pair.

What They Say:

“Consumers should immediately stop wearing the shoes and return them to the nearest Wal-Mart for a full refund.”

What We Say: Better late than never, Wal-Mart? It’s been more than a few months since these 200,000 shoes were sold and we’re guessing someone somewhere has stumbled – and that someone probably didn’t think much of it. After all, they only paid $13 for these things.

Is there such a thing as too cheap?