More from Wal-Mart: We got the Scoop on Black Friday Deals

The race is on.. Wal-Mart recently announced these deals for Black Friday:

Black Friday deals from Wal-Mart

– A 42-inch Plasma HDTV for $998 (one per customer)
-Compaq Presario PC media and entertainment center for $398 (minimum 15 per store and one per customer)
-Kodak EasyShare C633 digital camera and printer dock bundle for $189.74
Barbie Fashion Fever dolls priced at $5 each
–  movie DVDs priced between $1.88 and $3.44 each.

The deals will be available on Nov. 24th from 5am-11am.


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  1. Melissa says

    I think the prices are great but I did the day after before and I will never do it again especially at 5AM I do consider myself a shopaholic but not with a bunch of shoving,greedy,snobish,rudely,must I go on, women in my life.OH HELL NO!!! besides the deals are not all that great and besides I need my sanity for the month of Dec.But hey Good Luck to all you brave souls out there.

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