Vogue’s September Issue: Fashion’s War and Peace

I love Vogue, but September’s 1,000 page orgy of ads, editorials, and advertorials (the combination of advertisements and editorials) was just too much. It took me a week to look through the book and 2 weeks to recover from the repetitive stress syndrome caused by turning a thousand pages. Vogue, of all publications, should know that bigger is not better—except in the case of the fabulous Andre Leon Talley.

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  1. says

    I hear you. I am seeing how many things I can use this vouge for to make up for all the little saplings that gave their lives for this tome.

    I’m currently am using it as a foot rest.

  2. Ms1971 says

    I’d have to agree also, I am STILL reading the Sept. ‘04 issue of In Style, it had 600+ pages, but MOST of it was advertising, which drove me nuts!

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