Vogue Italia: Win This Part Deux

Kathryn stumbled upon a store in NYC and found more copies of this issue, so we’re having a second contest. there will be 4 lucky winners.

What: Vogue Italia’s July issue is a historical one: it addresses the issue of racial inequality in the fashion world by filling its editorial pages with models of color from Naomi Campbell to up-and-comers like Sessilee Lopez.

Why You Want This: Vogue Italia isn’t exactly available at the grocery checkout line and even if you happen to live in a major city with a great international book store, your chances of finding it is pretty slim. Plus the issue features our girl Toccara (of America’s Top Model fame), Chanel Iman and Grace Jones, who is perhaps one of the most underrated style influencers out there.  I was very disappointed that virtually none of the adverts featured a model of any color, which is sad, cause the real money in the modeling world comes from adverts, beauty contracts, and commercials. Even after Oprah and Queen Latifah and designers like Marc Jacobs borrowing heavily from hip-hop and urban culture, corporations still have a hard time believing black women can sell products to a global community.

To Enter: Leave a comment below by Sunday, August 17th, 2008 at 11:59pm. Four lucky winners will receive one copy of the magazine. Winners will be selected from the list of comments. Winner but be citizens of the United States.

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  1. SmellsLikePeas says

    i was sooo excited when i heard about this issue of Vogue Italia… i love whenever people are highlighted in areas where they generally arent… regardless of race or heritage… so this just really made me smile.

    i agree the advertisements should have also followed suit with what the actual magazine was doing… but i dont slight vogue italia for that… they are treading in unfamiliar territory… so if taking baby steps is what they need to do… then far be it for me to criticize them.

  2. KBAM says

    I would love to read (ok, look at) Vogue Italia, especially this issue.. It’s about time to see some variety in the fashion world.

  3. ColourJunkie says

    Yeah!  First!

    I love the whole idea of this issue.  Beautiful.  I wish American Vogue would follow suit!

  4. LizaCamille says

    That is very disappointing that the advertisements…still so unequal. I would love to look at all the styles, though!

  5. missmedia03 says

    Simply put… for women of color who live, sleep and breathe fashion JUST as much as the mainstream audience, this issue is a MUST-HAVE!!! We’ll probably not see something like this again in a magazine the caliber of Vogue for quite some time…

    My attempts at purchasing a copy proved unsuccesful and I’d love to have it… with that said… “pick me, pick me, pick me” :)

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