Vogue Gets Budget Friendly?

What: You know recession-chic has gone mainstream when even Vogue is buying in. The fashion bible has gone “budget-conscious” for its July issues by introducing “Steal of the Month” items, along with a section full of clothing and accessories all under $500. The frugal focus is part of the magazine’s attempt to become cost-conscious—in light of the economy—and incorporate more products from designers like Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang , who have created high design collections for lower priced retailers in recent months.

What They Say:
“It was a very deliberate decision,” Ms. Singer [Vogue‘s fashion news and features director] said about the cheaper items. “In the past year, I feel a greater need to signpost certain elements we’ve had in the magazine. Maybe we need to make sure the reader can find them more easily.”


What We Say: Call us crazy, but the $145 beach chairs and $449 croquet sets offered up as “recession friendly” options in Vogue hardly feel like budget buys. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see a high-fashion magazine at least attempting to make an effort to list the frugal finds everyday people can afford—even if we’re still not sure who these everyday people are spending hundreds on designer croquet sets.

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  1. DealHuntingDiva says

    Personally I disagree with Vogue accommodating the recession. Vogue has always been the pinnacle of fashion so why should that stop? Let’s face it, people don’t read Vogue and then go out and purchase the $3000 Gucci python heels they loved in the mag. Instead they get inspiration and go buy the $200 version.

  2. eggplant says

    I have always found that there are not decent knockoffs to the haute couture products in these high end fashion magazines. When I was a teen, I walked my legs off in the mall until they were bloody stumps looking for a prom dress that somewhat resembled something in Elle. For dances, I always came up with a disappointing number. Fashion has not changed much since the middle ages when only the upper class was allowed to wear fur. Now, people who work for Vogue are those that were born into privilege and want their clothes to show it. I know this first hand. I also know I will never make enough dough to be truly fashionable. I can only attempt to be stylish. I never saw any knockoffs of the unaffordable Prada heels I was drowling over last summer at Fred Segals.

  3. HipMom says

    I don’t think Vogue was ever designed with everyday people in mind. IMO its target audience is fashionable people who don’t hurt for money… ever. Which is why their “steals” are under $500, while Lucky mag’s last issue revolved around items that were under $100.

    Still, as you said, it’s nice that they are making an effort!

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