Quick Tip: Change the Face of Your Shoes With Shoe Jewelry

Instantly change shoes from drab to fab with the addition of shoe jewelry. Vintage Shoe Clips, like the ones shown above from Absolutely Audrey.com, are significantly cheaper than trying to find a new pair of shoes. For example, add a shoe clip to the Isaac Mizrahi at Target pump shown above and increase the style quotient of the under $30 shoes to $100. Plus you can reuse the shoe clips on other shoes.

On an even cheaper note, use old clip earrings as shoe clips as well. Head to your favorite thrift store, stock up on vintage shoe clips and clip them to your shoes or you can also use vintage clip on earrings as shoe clips.

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    I don’t know if commenting here will bring the topic closer to the season, but this is a great time to make your shoes a little festive. No, not tacky festive like the big jingle bells I used to put on my ice skates, but you can be creative with reds, royal blue, and dark greens for the season—as long as they match the outfit!

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