The Gift Of Time From Modcloth


The Deal: Vintage-influenced timepieces from ModCloth

The Lowdown: So real time is the most precious gift of all, but since we seem to have let our subscription to the secrets of the universe run out we figure an adorable standout timepiece is pretty sweet too. Wristwatches are always a winner, but we are so obsessed with timepiece necklaces right now, it’s really not even cool. That being said, now you know what to get us for Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Boxing Day, we’re not picky).

What we dig about this particular accessory? We’re always fascinated with a piece that’s both pretty and functional, and is kind of a quirky surprise besides. But whether you go with the timepiece necklace or a more traditional wristwatch for a gift, either way it’s a gift that is both affordable and keeps on giving. And did we say quirky? Cue Modcloth, with 9 watches we like. A lot.

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