Vermi Composting Basics: Budget Gardening Tip

To make:
1. Drill holes in the bottom and sides of your bin with an electric drill, as well as in the bin lid, to allow air to enter and circulate.
2. Soak newspapers in water, wring out and place a layer in the bottom of the bin.
3. Add worms. Approximately one pound of worms should be incorporated, which is about 1,000 worms.
4. Add one cup of gardening soil. Soil will add bacteria and fungi to the mix, which will aid the composting process and help the worms to digest the kitchen scraps.
5. Add kitchen scraps.
6. Place another layer of shredded paper bedding materials on top.
7. Cover bin and place in basement, garage, under your kitchen sink or anywhere else where the temperature will remain between 55 and 75°F.
8. Feed the worms weekly with new scraps, keeping an eye on the amount of matter in the bin. More newspaper may need to be added as well.

After a few weeks, bedding and food will begin to turn to mash; it will break down completely in 3-6 months.

Be sure to keep a smaller bin in your kitchen where you can easily dispose of kitchen waste for use in your vermi composting box. Once a week or so, empty the kitchen waste container into the vermi compost box to feed the worms and add nutrients to the matter.

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