Vermi Composting Basics: Budget Gardening Tip

While composting is usually considered an outdoor activity, vermi composting can be done indoors and is a good use for kitchen and other waste. Vermi composting uses worms to turn organic matter into rich, lightweight compost to add to your garden soil. The compost is odorless and can be kept indoors for handy use.

How to Make a Vermi Compost

Starting a vermi composting box is simple and easy.

You will need:

A plastic storage bin with lid (about 50 quart size)
Drill with 1/8-inch drill bit
Small wooden blocks or boards
Newspaper (black and white only – no color ink)
Garden soil
Kitchen scraps, such as fruit and veggie peels, egg shells, etc. – avoid fats or meats. See Can I Compost This? for more details.
Red wiggler worms (available for about $25/lb. at Magic Worm Ranch, Gardeners Supply and most local bait shops)

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