Spring Fashion Week Day 7: We Love You Vera!!


Call it divine fashion intervention, but somehow I scored an invite to the Vera Wang Spring 2007 fashion show. Now, when most American’s think of Vera Wang, they think of wedding dresses. The average American knows little about her ready-to-wear collection and that is a shame because the same style and grace Vera brings to her wedding dress collection, she brings to her ready-to-wear, and, hopefully, to her line at Kohls.

Vera Wang Spring 2007

Style and grace was definitely present at her show today as Vera Wang presented the show only hours after the death of her father, who was one of her first investors. Having lost my own father, I can relate to the pain that Vera must have felt, but unfortunately (or fortunately) life, especially fashion life goes on, even when we don’t.

Vera Wang Spring 2007 Collection
Photos Courtesy of Coutorture

So for Vera Wang to put on a show on the one day that I’m sure she would rather not have to deal with the hangers-on, bitter editors, and PR spats that is fashion week is a true testament to her commitment to her designs, her fans, and her buyers.

That is why I’m glad that her Spring 2007 collection was a success- full of flowing dresses– especially empire waist and tent styles, ruffled details, and heavy influences from the world of dance. According to Wang, the collection was influenced bythe emotionally charged space of the geisha’s wardrobe and the ballerina’s rehearsal layers.” The fact that her collection was dominated by cream, black, navy, and gray, seems particularly fitting considering the circumstances.  The only splash of color was a bronze zip coat dress (gotta have a coat dress for next spring) and a few gold blouses. The black wide belt, a carry over from fall/winter, shown up in Wang’s show, as with other collections as well.

Vera Wang Spring 2007 Collection
Photos Courtesy of Coutorture

My one criticism of Wang’s show is the lack of models of color on the runway.  The only shows where you will see a substantial number of models of color are often the show of designers of color. Vera, an Asian-American woman, had only one Asian American model on the runway. I know it may be unfair to hold designers of color responsible for booking models of color, but as any model will tell you, the only way to continue to work in this industry is by getting work and right now, the fashion industry in general isn’t lovin’ the sistas.  It’s like fashion is allergic to models of color.

As I watched and admired the show, I wondered how, or even if, Vera is going to take these concepts from runway to the aisles of Kohls. Her spring 2007 collection featured fabrics like faille and charmeuse, fabrics that don’t exactly translate into mass market-prices. Also, she’ll have to add a little more color to her collection, in order to appeal to those who live outside of black dominating New York.

Check out Vera Wangs Spring 2007 Collection Below


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  1. JR says

    I’m glad you made the comment about booking models of color.  It’s so true that the fashion industry and the world in general is a rough place for people of color, and while people of color can’t be held responsible for their own oppression, it’s important to have eachother’s backs, eh?

    Maybe she is worried that she’ll be seen as only “catering to” people of color.

  2. says

    I loved the collection. I thought it was decidely soft and, liek always, inherently romantic. The darker mood was a nice change from the all cream-white looks that saturated the other shows.

    Apparently her father had died early this morning, so it was a very emotional show for her, especially since he supported her to start her bridal designs.

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  3. angelica says

    i love you clothing line,it so graceful and elegant, i would like to ask you are you looking for young experience models between the ages of 13-15, this is just a question, i just love your clothes so much that i would just like to be part of your creation.

  4. Cika says

    I need your help for my bridal dress!
    I went on http://www.verawang.com and watched the Spring Bridal show 2007 (videos) and there’s a dress I love…but I don’t find it when I serach it on the photos of any collection on the website…so I need your help: do you know a vera wang email adress? To contact Vera Wang ‘company?
    It’s the 9 or the 10th dress on the video (I don’t remember the number but it’s the dress you see at 3’57)
    Thanks a lot!!!!

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