Vera Wang Comes to Kohl’s Department Stores

Vera Wang will premiere a fashion and lifestyle brand titled “Very Vera” at
Kohl’s department stores in 2007. Vera joins a long, looong, list of designers who realize that you make more money selling to average folks than selling to rich folks. I wonder if Ms. Wang, who as teen flew to Paris each season with her mom to buy her wardrobe, has ever set foot in a
Kohl’s? I mean, I love her personal style and the glamour of her lines, but I’ll be interested to see if she is able to translate this to the very real women who shop at Kohl’s.

Note: I wrote about this in December of 2005.

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  1. Heather says

    This is unbelievable. I work for Kohl’s and I have not heard of this yet. I love Vera Wang’s designs but I wonder how well it will work out in Kohl’s. Especially with the prices at Kohl’s and all the sales that Kohl’s has.

  2. Sheila Alexander says

    I am appalled to see the ads in W this month promoting fur fashion for Saks Fifth Avenue. While many designers are represented in the ads, Vera Wang’s name is next to “She’s instinctive…she follows her feelings toward an ultra-soft elongated fur vest.” The other ad, with Missoni’s name next to it, says “…and she’d rather be pretty in mink than pink.” This archaic attitude that fur belongs on people is offensive in a time when most of us have moved beyond the caveperson attitude. I won’t shop Saks or support these designers until there is a change in perspective. I hope there is a lot of support for “fur-free” out there.

  3. sally says

    Vera wang can wear what she wants.  It is her own personal choice if she wants to wear fur or not.  She grew up going to fashion shows with her mother and i am sure it is only natural for her to wear fur.

  4. says

    I work for a Kohls Distribution Center and I can confirm that they are indeed launching a Vera Wang line to the stores. Not exactly sure when we can expect the first freight to arrive, but what I’ve heard is that it will be sometime in the fall of 07.

  5. Leslie says

    Would you believe most of this line is already sold out, and it hasn’t been officially released yet?  I got access to the sku numbers of the items over the weekend and tried to place an order by phone.  First, their systems are down completely and no one can place an order.  But, when they checked stock, most of the items were gone already.  What a rip off!

  6. Catherine Smith says

    I recently attempted to try on a Vera Wang dress at a Kohl’s store and they only had my size on a display.  I was not allowed to try it on.  Wow, the dress was a whopping $59.99.  They asked if they could take my name and phone number so the person who does the displays can call me.  I had 4 children (well behaved) with me and I wasn’t going to make another trip.  BAD CHOICE KOHL’S!!  I SPEND A LOT AT YOUR STORE (MIND YOU, I HAVE 4 CHILDREN WHO GROW OUT OF CLOTHES LIKE YOU CHANGE TOILET PAPER).

  7. Victoria says

    I hope everyone knows that fur comes from animals that were abused their whole lives and then skinned alive.

  8. Vicki says

    I was so excited to be at Kohl’s to try on a couple of dresses from Vera Wang’s collection.  I am a normal-proporationed size 4 and both dresses I tried on fit horribly.  One of them hung unevenly both in the bodice and in the hem.  The other one just plain looked bad.

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