Vera Wang at Kohl’s Department Stores?

Read the latest about the Simply Vera by Vera Wang line at Kohls

Yep, you heard right. Vera Wang and crew are in deep talks with the folks at Kohls department stores to produce a mass market clothing line for the department store. Kohls is hoping that a partnership with Wang will do for their stores, what Isaac Mizrahi did for Target stores—made couture accessible to the masses and bring some extra dough into the stores.

Excerpt from the New York Times Article regarding the potential partnership:

Ms. Wang and executives from her company have been in talks for several months to develop such a collection, conceptually similar to what Isaac Mizrahi now designs for Target and Martha Stewart pioneered with Kmart. Ms. Wang’s most serious discussions, about clothing and home collections, have been with Kohl’s, the value-oriented chain based in Wisconsin that has been building a stable of exclusive brands for its 732 stores, including Candie’s, Daisy Fuentes, Chaps and Laura Ashley, and a new Tony Hawk product line for spring.

Based upon a quick trip to my local Kohls, the department store chain needs to do everything in their power to lure Wang to design a line. There were more Christmas sweaters and elastic waist band pants per square foot at the store than at a convention of Kindergarten teachers.

Read the New York Times Article.


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  1. Jill says


    THIS IS SO WRONG!!!! I just don’t think it’s right that a lot of desingers are doing this. I admit it, I’m a snob and I just don’t like it.

  2. Karen says


    Kohl’s does have more fashionable items, one just needs to look around.  I’ve gotten a great and warm pea coat, and a long suede skirt.  You just need to go past the christmas sweaters.

  3. says


    Okay two comments-

    Jill- designers are doing because they’re making TONS of money with these lines, much more dough than their couture/high end ready to wear lines. In fact, many designers who went mass market has seen increased sales in their couture lines as a result of the increased marketing from the promotion of the mass market lines. For example, Isaac Mizrahi’s couture line had pretty much went to the fashion graveyard prior to his partnering with Target. Now both his Target and Couture lines are doing great and he has a TV show.

    Karen- I have to disagree with you. I grew up in the Midwest and I’ve shopped at Kohl’s when it was just a grocery store. You really have to search for fashionable items at the store (although the Candies line isn’t too terrible and I will give you that the quality is one step higher than Wal-Mart). In the past 2 weeks, I’ve went to two Kohls- one near Watchung NJ and one is Minneapolis, MN.. Both had a ton of christmas sweaters and lots of brown leather shoes, that look like BORN knock offs.. Now there kid’s clothing and housewares is a whole other matter- great deals and great looks

  4. melissa says


    I like kohl’s, i’ve always thought of it as being similar to sears but a bit cheaper. I’ve seen Mizrahi’s brand at target but just now is when i find out that he used to have high end stuff. Anyway i think the vera wang thing will be good.

  5. erin says


    All these hoity-toity comments on a page with Coupons for Payless?  I’m a Coach kinda girl and I’ve never even seen this page before….

  6. Kathy says


    Those people that think Kohl’s have only alot of Christmas sweaters and elastic pants are sadly mistaken and should check out the store when they have more time. In fact I haven’t seen many elastic pants there. They have stylish clothes at reasonable prices. Plus great prices in housewares, domestics, etc.

  7. Kelly says


    I happen to love Kohls.  I get everything I wear to work there.  They have affordable clothes.  I got to see the Vera Wang line today…the prices are higher but they aren’t terrible.  I am with people on wanting inexpensive clothing, but its nice to spend a little more on something you love from time to time. Loved a lot of her shoes at Kohls…tried a couple on, comphy…but I have recently bought like 4 pairs of shoes…I need to cut back.

  8. Ireland3 says


    What about these high fashion designs for the plus size women out there over a size 16????
    These designers seem to be leaving out half the female population!

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