New York Fashion Week Fall 2011: Venexiana

What: TBF attended the Venexiana Fall 2011 Fashion Show.

What They Say: Offering exquisite fabrics, focused tailoring and witty embellishments, Venexiana is the go-to fashion house for rock-n-roll haute couture.  Launched in 2003, the collection is sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and other leading retailers around the world.

What We Say: Venexiana truly is rock-n-roll couture in a nutshell – we really can’t say it better than that. Katie Stern, the designer, seems to love playing with textures, bold print and various embellishments and if you love edge but also being a diva adorned in crystals, then you’ll adore Venexiana’s fall collection

This stuff is not everyday-wear by any means, so feast your eyes, but don’t try to pull off these looks at the office. Venexiana is a cornucopia of statement-makers. Pure and simple. This is the first show we’ve seen thus far that’s made us literally gasp in awe—it was truly breathtaking not necessarily due to wearability, but to architecture and audacity. We noticed that floral, the trend we’re seeing everywhere, weaseled its way into to Stern’s work too, in all its glory. And along with big floral, comes looks reminiscent of the 80’s, where bigger is better when it comes to sleeves, belts and coats. So like we said, statement-makers all around.

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