Vegan Fashion: Moo Shoes

Last month I wrote about the wonderful online store Alternative Outfitters. Although I’m a fashion-centered, leather-wearing, fur-loving (Salvation Army and thrift stores of course) stylista, I do shop at online and offline stores specializing in faux fashion and you should, too. I noted from my perch during NYC’s Fall 2005 Fashion Week, that fur is going to be EVERYWHERE this fall. Most of can’t afford to purchase a Y & Kei fur stole, but we can purchase a faux stole from Fabulous Furs

Or a pair of Saratoga Boots from MooShoes. Founded in 2001 by sisters Erica and Sara Kubersky, the store has a huge selection of fashion faux shoes, clothing, and more. Visit them online at Moo or head to their hip offline store in Manhattan’s Lower East Side (152 Allen Street, ph: 1-866-59-VEGAN).

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  1. B says

    Moo Shoes…cool…just what I was looking for…will let you know how they are…sometimes Payless can be vegetarian friendly

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