Vanity or Insanity? Platform Heels May Lead to Injuries

What: New York City Fashion Week has unveiled insanely sky-high platform shoes as the biggest shoe trend, but according to NYC’s premier cosmetic podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong we must be aware of the injuries that are caused by wearing these sky-high heels.

What They Say:

“Every year I see more ankle sprains, broken bones in the feet, and other injuries that women experience as a result of falling in their extremely high heels. I tell my patients to always test drive a new pair of shoes or a new style before walking long distances in them. For my patients who simply refuse to ditch their high heels, I recommend they wear them only when at events – but to take them off once they leave.”

What We Say: Ok we love a pair of Manolos as much as the next fashionista- but human beings weren’t meant to wear 4 inch heels. There’s no amount of foot petals or squishy insole padding that you can put in your shoes to make those heels comfortable (we know cause, well, we’ve tried). Seriously, we’re causing some major damage to our feet folks and for what? To be in style? We need to start a moment for sensilbe shoes.

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  1. says

    Those shoes look great and even though I am a short person and would really need a pair of high heels when going out, I do prefer to have the health of my feet.

  2. says

    Only Lady Gaga could endour such shoes just for the sake of fashion shocks! They look great, but I would never wear them as I care too much for the health of my feet.

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    Actors wore 4 inch high heel Christian Louboutin shoes during the 1800s and thought it indicated their social status and tried to gain greater importance today we consider it demonstrates madness

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