Spending Valentine’s Day at the office? Despite constant reminders that the 14th is not exactly an office holiday, there are folks who seem to have not read the memo. The receptionist that practically cartwheels her way back to her desk while clutching a bouquet? The bitter accountant who complains about the commercialism of Valentine’s Day at every chance he’s got? At one point in your life, you must have worked with one of those folks at the opposite ends of the office valentine’s day spectrum, and you of all people should know how annoying that can be. That doesn’t mean you can’t exactly channel Cupid (read: channel, not cosplay) in the workplace. A pleasant smile, a light-hearted tone, and donning any of these red fashion picks from ModCloth should suffice to tell everyone that regardless of your current Facebook relationship status, you’re totally cool with Valentine’s Day. Then sit back and watch as your cool rep points in the office rack up.

Heading out to a dinner date after work? Don’t wear your date outfit right away! Either make time to go home, freshen up, and get dressed, or bring your change of clothes to work. Either way, wait till the end of your shift before you dress for your extra-curriculars.

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