Send this to Your Boyfriend, Husband, “Special Friend:” What You REALLY want for Valentine’s Day

The Gift Card Option….
I’m so sorry for yelling at you last Valentine’s Day when you bought me a subscription to Maxim. I know I’m hard to shop for and I don’t want you to feel bad, so why don’t you just give me a giftcard to (insert store). I think (insert amount) would be enough for me to get something special.

The Large Bouquet of Flowers Option
Remember when I told you how (insert annoying co worker’s name) bragged to whole office when her (insert relationship) sent her flowers? Of course you do. Well, it would be awesome to show (insert annoying co worker’s name) that she’s not the only person who has people who love them. A really nice bouquet of (insert favorite flower) would do the trick.

All My Love,

(insert name)

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