Send this to Your Boyfriend, Husband, “Special Friend:” What You REALLY want for Valentine’s Day

The “Together Time” Option
The hands down best gift (next to a nice blue box from Tiffany’s) is the gift of time. Look we all have things pulling us in different directions during the day, and often we don’t have time to spend together. I just want to spend time with you. Yes, I would love to go to Pep Boys with you to help you pick out a new bumper cover. Sure, I will buy us matching gaming chairs so we can play Madden 2012 together. Wow, I can’t wait for our trip to the Richard Petty racing school. I will do anything, just as long we can do it together.

The Housekeeping Services Option
Look, it’s the millenium, and I know we’re all equal. While I’m not saying that you’re messy, you do seem to have a bit higher tolerance for mess than I do. So this Valentine’s Day, really as a favor to us both, why don’t you head over to Groupon and Living Social and score a deal on cleaning services

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