Send this to Your Boyfriend, Husband, “Special Friend:” What You REALLY want for Valentine’s Day

Concerned about your Valentine’s Day Gift? Don’t worry, TBF drafted letters for you to send to your beaus to help them in their quest for a truly excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Just copy and send!

Dear XXX (insert the name of the special person in your life),

You’re the face to my book. You make my heart twitter. You’ve pin my interest.
And while I love and appreciate everything you buy me, this Valentine’s Day, I would really like….
<<select which of the scenarios work for you

The Something in the Blue Box Option

I know the thought of shopping at Tiffany’s scares you. Yes, there’s nothing “inexpensive” about Tiffany’s. I know it’s just a choice between “giving up lunch for a week” vs. ‘giving up lunch and dinner for a year.” (Okay, maybe years.) But 99.9% of us women secretly desire to receive something that comes in the Tiffany blue (they’ve actually patented the color) box. The above bracelet, at $150, is probably as “inexpensive” as you’re going to get at the store, but it will make me very, very happy.

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