Love it or loathe it, red is definitely the color of this love month. Red is universally celebrated for its power to evoke raw passion, romance, and sexiness, which are all factors we could happily do with come the night of the 14th. However, that doesn’t mean that a lady has to restrict her evening’s sartorial choices to scarlet. Let’s face it– red isn’t exactly everyone’s color, is it? And the bottom line is to feel comfortable and confident looking your best, even if it means not wearing the night’s trending color. So for those who are hesitant to wear red, we’ve picked out 6 gorgeous Valentines Day dresses under $50 from Forever 21 that eschew red.

Not enthusiastic about wearing a glaring amount of red, but still want to sport the spirit of the occasion? No problemo! Opt for subtler reds on your nails, lips, or shoes. Bonus points if you happen to have Mary Jane Watson hair–who knows, that might be your ticket find your own friendly neighborhood superhero this season!
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