TBF Fashion Newsletter: This Valentine’s Day, Comfort and Fashion Go Hand in Hand


So you want to wow him- and yourself – when you put on lingerie, but the blinged out butt floss is just out of the question. So what do you wear on Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year where men have every right to expect us to be total sexpots? (Oh stop, you love it. Besides, we have the right to expect flowers and a dinner we don’t have to cook, so it all evens out.)

If you’re looking for beautiful intimates that offer the wow factor without costing a fortune take a look at the following online retailers.

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  1. Kate says

    I have undertaken a major, scientific investigation of sexy (not practical) underwear priced anywhere from $5 to $400 at pretty much every kind of store imaginable (online, chain, Patricia Field, Century 21, tiny boutiques, department stores) and for the money and the quality Victoria’s Secret cannot be beat. No, not everything at Victoria’s Secret. Most of it is horrible. But every season they have at least one set with a $35 bra that fits well, looks hot, and with quality about as good as La Perla. You must inspect the quality in person, not online, because otherwise you run the risk of buying something more suitable to stop skids on the floor of a battleship. It’s impressive. Their schizophrenia also amuses me, as they try to appeal simultaneously to men, women, girls.

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