Yea or Nay: Valenkis Rus Boots

My friend Colette, who lives in LA, swears by these Valenkis Rus boots. I first became aware of the boots about 1.5 year ago, when I saw a poor soul sloshing down Prince Street after that really bad snow storm. I took notice because the boots looked like something that would worn by one of Snow White’s seven dwarfs. Cartoon characters aside, these boots aren’t just any boots-  they were developed over 300 years ago by peasants, are like a Russian institution, worn by everyone from Peter the Great to Lenin.

Valenkis Rus boots: Yea or Nay?


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  1. Julie says

    I would have to say Nay… These are not cute. I am sure they have thier purpose but if I am walking in the snow, sleet or rain I still need to look cute as if it were any other day….

  2. Mae says

    Definitely a NAY.They are much better, warmer and cuter boots at a cheaper price around? Why pay more and be shod in ugly shoes?

  3. Mae says

    Definitely a NAY.They are much better, warmer and cuter boots at a cheaper price around? Why pay more and be shod in ugly shoes?

  4. jj says

    I’m almost embarrassed to say this… but I really like them!  They’re ugly as sin, yes, but they’ve got this fairytale vibe going that I can’t resist.

    Plus, they really do look like they’re plenty warm and toasty!

  5. Kelly Shaw says

    I checked out the website to learn more about them and even though they aren’t “fashionable” I like them – very utilitarian, look warm and the website says if you want them shorter, just use a utility knife to trim them down.  And the price is great too!

  6. greenofbean says

    I’m Russian and can remember being made to wear Valenki boots when I was about four. I have to say nay because

    a. They don’t look anything like real Russian valenki.

    b. If I had the sudden urge to relive my preschool years, I could have someone buy them for me in Russia for about 1/20 of the price and send them over.

    Russia has much better traditional clothing to contribute to fashion!!!

  7. L says

    I have them in both black and gray and they are perfect for the snowy months in Chicago. I get compliments on them from upwardly trendy hipsters.

  8. Ashley says

    All I have to say is “YUCK”!  These boots would not make anyone’s feet look OK.  Good old-fashioned duck boots are cuter than these.

  9. says

    I’m not sure I understand why someone who lives in LA would need to swear by *any* snow boot.

    In any case, while I’m sure they are practical, there is little that is stylish about them – they seem to be a step above the ugly $20 things you see at Kmart, but not by much…

  10. EB says

    Wow, I have to say that I actually like them – They have the cute round toe that is so in right now…I think they would def grow on me…

  11. Sasha says

    Sorry, but these are hideous and they tend to make the wearer look dumpy.  BTW, “real” valenki are made of felted wool and are not water resistant (except for usually the rubber sole).  If you splashed in a puddle in these, your ankles would be wet.

  12. TBF says

    Here’s what happen… these are the “americanized” versions of the Valenkis boots (the Russia company partnered with an America company to bring the boots here). The wool isn’t waterproof, but the rubber part is…

    I’m sort of the on the fence about them and the same comments you guys said about this boot, was said about the UGG, yet it’s still going strong. Frankly these boots are no more offensive than the UGG.

    I agree not everyone can do it.. it’s def a hipster vibe (and my friend is a certified hispter) but those who can will create a very interesting look.

  13. naj says

    I have to say YEA….obviously I would not wear this boot on a date..but on those slushy cold days…..I would put it on like nobody’s business….so YEA YEA YEA

  14. naj says

    I have to say YEA….obviously I would not wear this boot on a date..but on those slushy cold days…..I would put it on like nobody’s business….so YEA YEA YEA

  15. Z30 says

    If you live in a high snow locale, then definately YAY. Being cute won’t get our over the three foot hill of snow, or the river of slush and muddy water running along side it while your trying to get on the bus, or in a cab, or in your car, or to the mail box. I think they’re adorable, so I give a giddy YAY.

  16. emma says

    Even though, according the the Russian poster, they aren’t authentic at all, i think they’re kinda cute! they look kind of like little dinner rolls. they look comfy, but i don’t know if they’re worth the price. and besides, why should you follow all the trends? look at uggs, those are scarily ugly, and yet, people wear them. i’d take these over uggs any day.

  17. Melissa says

    NO!NO!NO! These are so very hidious looking,they kind of remind me of moon boots.You will not be seeing these in my closet or even in the basement!

  18. shaboo says

    heck YAY!  except for from the posts i see that the top part is not waterproof.  that makes them a nay.  they look super cute to me!

  19. coco says

    Well I am the lady in question, and I wore them this weekend in Big Bear in the snow and they were AWESOME. 

    They def are the so ugly its cute style and they are functional as well.  Our cabin had little heat and my feet were toasty and I think they were super cute with a little skirt (Kathy I will send you pics).

    To be honest I also like my Uggs-they are AWESOME when chasing my toddler on the sand (i know why the surfers love them). Speaking of my toddler-these boots also double as a toy.  The little man (who happens to be stylin’ in the clothes his auntie the BF sends him), wears them on his head.

    I also thought they were cheap-at $80, much cheaper than any of my other boots.

  20. hsk says

    If you lived in Russia then maybe ok for sentimental value… But GIRL, we don’t and thank God. They look like they should be miniatures and put on a little porcelain doll OR the British Palace Guards could get away with it.
    All I can say is I live in a very cold and messy part of the United States and have found warm winter/slush boots that LOOK GOOD on…..RUN, just run away

  21. TBF says

    Sempre- My friend is a big snowboader and often goes skiing at Lake Tahoe (lucky Her!) and it DOES get cold in LA (in early Feb it was like 30 degrees in some parts)

  22. Irina says

    Definitely, yay.
    But not tjhis pair, ‘cuse there are plenty of much more cute valenki, like embroidered, or white, or heeled. And valenki are not expensive in Russia, indeed.
    I am Russian, I was wearing them in my childhood, and valenki are the best shoes for winter – your legs still warm even in -25 by Celcius.

  23. says

    These boots are the best winter boots I’ve ever worn, especially for the typical Montreal winter! Bar none. They go with any outfit, feel great to wear, super warm and are all you look for in a boot. Way to go, Russia!

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