VaJazzling? Cause Some People Really Love To Accessorize


What: Vajazzling, aka accessorizing/coloring your “womanly parts”, is gaining steam as more and more women look for more ways to spend our money. Who cares if is it still a recession, as long as your “lady parts” are well accessorized.

So, how does one jazz up their, uh, “special box”? Well, by adding Swarovski crystals in various shapes, bleaching (overtime, melanin increases and can often discolor personal areas), or coloring to make sure the “curtains” match the “carpet”.

Leah Nacion, Waxing Expert and Owner of The Waxing Co. in Hawaii, Says:
“If things are becoming a little stagnant, a creative way to spice things up is a little she-grooming,” says Nacion. “There are some trends in personal grooming that are playful and worth trying at least once.”

Verdict: There’s just something wrong with the word “stagnant” being used to describe “the situation” with anyone’s “va-jay-jay” (how many coded terms can I use in one post, let’s see). However, why not have a bit of fun (within reason) “down there”? My advice is to first check with your “lady doctor” to make sure the procedures are ok and with your “partner” to make sure they will be ok. Also if your thighs rub together (like 99% of us), then you might want to skip this all together, as a “misplaced” swarovski crystal could be a bigger problem than a stagnant “love box”

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