Use Your Leftovers: Budget Grocery Tip

Sure, you can clip coupons and watch for in-store sales and specials. However, there is another easy way to save on the groceries you buy: use your leftovers. How often do you end up tossing out wilted fruits and vegetables? Do leftovers get used, or just get left over in the fridge until they are unrecognizable?

As grocery prices continue to escalate, many of us try to do everything we can to save. However, too often that savings gets literally thrown out. Here are five tips for using some commonly left over foods.

* Use leftover veggies in scrambled eggs or omelets.
* Make croutons or bread crumbs with leftover bread. Old bread also makes delicious French toast – even better than fresh bread.
* Make a banana smoothie with those brown and overripe bananas. You can also peel, slice and freeze ripe bananas and toss them into a fruit smoothie later.
* Chop or shred leftover chicken, beef or pork and mix with barbecue sauce for barbecue sandwiches.
* When juicing citrus, set aside and freeze the peels. Use them when a recipe calls for citrus zest.

What are your secrets for using up those leftovers? Share them with us in the forums. We started a forum post dedicated to this topic. Go there to view more ways to save and share your own great ideas. Don’t be stingy.

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