Urban Outfitters On Your Phone

What: Urban Outfitters has gone mobile. Very few retailers offer up cell phone-friendly sites, so this took a bit of initiative. M.UrbanOutfitters.com joins the ranks m.Target.com, m.WalMart.com, and some others, but it’s an area that’s definitely underdeveloped. On the mobile site, you can build a wish list, find a store in your area, and of course shop for stuff – and even track your orders later on. This, of course, is in addition to the SMS texts that alert you to specific deals. Seems the majority, if not all, of Urban Outfitters’ inventory will be readily accessible on your phone.

What They Say:

“At the core of the Acuity platform is a preference engine that ensures users see products and content that is relevant to him or her. We call this Spot Relevance. “

What We say: About time, no? We’re surprised it’s taking this long for retailers to hop on board the mobile bandwagon. If you’ve got a blackberry, iPhone, you’ve got an app for just about anything – except for shopping possibly. Hey, if your favorite stores aren’t mobile, you’re kind of out of luck. Maybe that’s a good thing… hard enough to limit our spending!

This got us thinking about the future of shopping – as we shop online more, it’s just natural that we’ll start shopping on our phones, too. (Your boss won’t know what you’re up to.)

Are there any mobile shopping applications you already use and can recommend? 

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