New Urban Outfitters Hats and Statement Jewelry

What: Apparently, the little things really count to Urban Outfitters. Like a lot. They’re all about the accessories (that includes your cell phone). Well, now they’re getting into hats this August with a hat line from Eugenia Kim (she’s famous for designing everything from socialite-worthy straw hats to funky berets), called Eek! But that’s not all – Urban Outfitters will follow that up with a new jewelry line – called Clea – from Annie Costello Brown, which will include statement pieces.

What We Say: Way to lead the pack. We wouldn’t have guessed it, but maybe hats are back. Or, was there ever a time they weren’t “in?” Anyways, since the recession seems to be lingering around, we’re all about bulking up our wardrobe with affordable details.

Now that Urban Outfitters has got us pegged, from top to bottom, might you find yourself inspired by stylish head wear?

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