Kim Gordon- Urban Outfitters Collaboration Tries to Buck Trends

Sonic Youth singer and guitar/bass player Kim Gordon will debut her second fashion line to date, Mirror/Dash, on February 16th. This time, she’s collaborating with Urban Outfitters, which aims to hold on to its coming-of-age shoppers, who may not be so impressed with the young, trendy looks anymore.

Gordon sums up the thought process behind the line:”We’re actually trying to do something a little less trend oriented, a little more classic, that might appeal to someone say who used to shop at Urban [Outfitters] but wants something slightly less young looking. And we would like to appeal also to the usual Urban customer as well.” She gives most of the credit to designer Jeffrey Monteiro, though, admitting that she doesn’t do any sketching.

Oh really? What a surprise! This is the second time this week, we’ve reported on a celebrity fashion line in which the celebrity doesn’t actually design the line. Unfortunately for Gordon, she may be a little late as stores are getting rid of their celebrity lines.

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  1. Target-Addict says

    Kim Gordon is the b-word rhyming with “witch”.  She completely ruined a charity concert I went to about 10 years ago because she was upset that the sound system wasn’t “up to snuff” (in her opinion) and walked off the stage.  And mind you, her band was just the opening act, not even the headliner!  Why anyone would hire her to create fashion line is beyond me.

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