Urban Homesteading: Green Home

You know there’s a trend afoot when you’ve heard a new phrase more than once in a 48-hour period. The latest words getting trend-dropped? Urban Homesteading. Part response to toxins in our food, homes and toys and part eff you to corporate control, Urban Homesteaders are growing their own vegetables and finding their own renewable energy sources. And they‘re doing it without the extensive acreage of our foremothers and fathers.

Back in the days of government land runs, the homesteading family had the chance to put their stakes down and start making the earth do what it does best: provide food and shelter. But when you’re living on the grid, especially in a small space that happens to be grass and tree free – the challenges discourage even the most eco-conscious of us.

Some hardy souls are making it happen whether by committing to eating only what they grow and raise, or the smaller (but effective) actions of buying bulk when things are on sale and in season.

Harriet Fasenfest raged against the machine in her manifesto, “Self-reliance in the City” on Culinate. Fasenfest inspires by saying, “My question is, aren’t there others out there nearly choking on the smut of corporate logic?” all the while teaching people how to make their own soap.

But the post that really sold it was the ode to UH on Oh My Aching Debts. By offering practical information (check out 12 Vegetables You Can Grow in a Pot) Oh My will be teaching us how we too can tame the urban environment and live eco-friendly through tips for the urban homesteader. Check out the movement and start living environmentally friendlier while fattening your wallet. Then you can go binge on a high-end eco-vacation. Mmmmm, organic mud baths…

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