Five Tips to Get Your Closet Ready for the New Year

It is a common tradition to do a bit of soul searching come the new year and why should our closets be left out? As we all reflect on the year that was, it’s also a fab (and probably necessary) idea to take stock of our closets. At TBF, we want to help you get the most out of 2012 (in the most fashionable way) and what better way to start than sharing with you our Five Tips to Getting the Your Closet Ready for the New Year?

Five Tips for Getting Your Closet Ready in the New Year

1. Organize, Organize, Organize! Having an organized closet is paramount and must be at the top of your list when readying your ‘drobe (and thus hopefully your outlook) for the marvelously invigorating fresh feeling start that a new year gives us. Make sure everything is folded neatly and hanging nicely so you can get an accurate sense of just how much you already have, how many gaps need filling, and and what you may have too much of. Wherever your closet is located in your home, be it your bedroom, spare room, nook (or for those lucky people whose closet is its own actual room), it will be a great help if you tidy that area up as well. Once everything is put away in its right place, it will be much easier to…


2. Review, Review, Review! For this step, you’re going to want to evaluate your wardrobe as a whole. Now that it’s so fantastically organized (!), you’ll be able to tell quite clearly the areas that need attention: do you have 39 dresses but only two sweaters? Are all your clothes either black, grey, or black with nary a color in sight? Are there items hanging in your closet that date back farther than 2001? These are all things you need to consider very carefully before you…

3. Edit, Edit, Edit! Editing is one of the most important steps of the process. So, it is absolutely vital that you take your time, give every item due consideration and, when in doubt, enlist your BFF/sister/mom/neighbor to give you two things that are crucial at this stage of the game: someone else to try the piece so you can get a really good look (mirrors only really tell about 85% of the story) and most vital of all, a second opinion. Once you have gone through everything (yes, everything) and sorted them into the traditional “yes”, “no”, and “not right now but will re-visit in six months” piles, then the hard part is done. What to do with the items that landed in the toss pile? Why don’t you…

4. Donate, Donate, Donate! Please for the love of Pete! Don’t just throw away your unwanted goods! There are plenty of options for donating and by now we are all aware that our landfills are close to overflowing. Some of our favorite places to take our gently used items are Goodwill, the Sally Anne (aka The Salvation Army) or other non-profit organizations like Dress for Success, which will take your business wear (in good condition, of course) and pass it on to women who can then wear it to work or to a job interview. Just because you never really took to that pin stripe suit doesn’t mean it won’t suit someone else to a T! Once you’ve cleared everything you no longer want out of the way, you’ll have room to…

5. Play, Play, Play! Now is when you can revel in all your hard work and reintroduce yourself to some of your clothes and accessories that maybe you haven’t seen in a while or forgot you had. The new year is a great time to try new things, and playing around in your now fantastically organized, reviewed, edited, partially donated closet is a the perfect opportunity to see just how well that bright orange floral dress goes with that little teal shrunken blazer! Who knows? By the time you’re through, your closet won’t be the only thing ready for the new year! After implementing these five essential steps, you very well might take on a whole new look!

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    Its so important to get the stuff you aren’t wearing out. It can be tough sometimes to get rid of something but you have to do. It allows you to be more realistic about what you are wearing and what your style now is. And it frees up a lot of room. And I agree always donate. Or take it to a second had store, you can sometimes make a few bucks.

  2. says

    Great tips, as usual!!! I have another tip that you can add in there- if you haven’t worn it for a year, throw it out because chances are you NEVER will wear it!! There’s no point in holding onto that sweater that you will wear “one day”, yes yes it may have sentimental value and what not but its just hogging space and someone less fortunate will definitely appreciate it! :) Plus you’ll feel good about yourseld if you donate something to the needy

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