Three Key Pieces that Help You Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

We’re guessing that right now, for most of us, the dream trip to Paris boutiques for a whole new designer wardrobe is out of the question.

Even a trip to Macy’s for a couple of new suits might be out of the question, no matter how badly you need them. So while you know at heart we’re all about value here at TBF, today we’re shifting into extreme budget mode—meaning we’re focusing on three, inexpensive, versatile items that can expand what we’ve already got while shelling out minimum cash right now . . .


How to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Piece #1: Camisoles:

Cami Top

Longline Cami, $2.80 at Forever21 (also available in plus sizes)

Whether plain or embellished, we recommend camis as a great way to update both the work and casual wardrobes—wear them under jackets, button down blouses, sweaters, v-neck t-shirts, to change up the same old thing. Do NOT spend more than $15 (really, $10) per camy. Because you really, really, don’t have to.

Piece #2: Trendy Tops:

express color block

Color Block Top, $49.99 at Express

Normally, we might not suggest you pick up more than one or two cheap trendy top from someplace like Forever21, but if you’re in dire need of some updates but don’t have a lot to spend, a short-term option is to boost your old suits, separates, and denim with a few cute, possibly bright and shiny tops.

Piece #3: Cardigans:

old navy cardigan

Women’s V Neck Cardigan, $22 at Old Navy

Cardigans are kind of always in, in one form or another, and this season is no different. There are plenty of updated styles to choose from—including wrap, boyfriend, and swing-shaped—and be sure to pick up some colors to get the best style boost for your buck (then pair with all those neutrals you’ve already got). Here are some for $25 and under:

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