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The Deal: Save up to 90% on sale dresses at eDressme.com! Up to 90% Off at eDressme.com

The Lowdown: Sometimes (okay, most of the time) we’re a little leery about just how much you really save at those after-Christmas sales, but when we see 90% off, well, we’re paying attention.

Since the holidays are effectively over (it’s likely too late to be certain you’d get a dress from this sale by New Year’s, though if you’re feeling really lucky you might take your chances with the next day shipping option), let’s think about what else is coming up. Have a wedding to attend? Charity event? Prom? Assuming the event is at least a month away, pick up your designer dress now at 90% off, and you’ll have plenty of time to work off all those pecan pie bars before you have to actually wear it.

Shop: eDressme.com Up to 90% Off at eDressme.com

Worthy Picks:

Metallic and shine are trends that continue to be hot, and this Gold Cocktail Dress has both, for $118.

This Gorgeous Twisted Bodice Dress is an eye-catching pick in fuschia for $78.20.

It’s not all about the party dress—sweater dresses are big this season, and this Shawl Collar Sweater Dress is $87.

Need something chic but not so formal? This Purple Scarf Print Cocktail Dress is just $41.