Up to 60% off at Banana Republic

br564710 00p01v01 Up to 60% off at Banana Republic

The Deal: Get in early and save up 60%—online & in-store. The offer ends July 20.
 Up to 60% off at Banana Republic

What We Say: Prices at Banana Republic Up to 60% off at Banana Republic are sometimes too steep for our wallets, but when we saw the discounts in this sale, we grinned. Shorts are ordinarily at least 50 bucks—get them for 20. Pants and tops are discounted so heavily that you can put them together for 50 bucks. This sale doesn’t consist of discards—it’s the making of an entire wardrobe.

Check out our obscenely priced picks:

The silk colorblock dress is a bold, colorful look that’s reminsicent of the days when women dressed up just to go shopping. We couldn’t afford it at $140, but at its current price of $79.99, it’s a sweet deal.

Herringbone is a good, subtle twist on classic dress slacks for the office. Check out these Ryan striped herringbone trousers to wear with a more colorful top. They’re only $33.99, down from $79.00.

Pictured: The Martin seersucker shorts are whimsical, airy and very comfortable in the summer’s heat and humidity. Down to $19.99 from $59.00.