Don’t get us wrong — we absolutely adore giving (and receiving!) flowers.  But isn’t it safe to say that a pretty bouquet for Mothers’ Day isn’t the most inventive of gifts?   Sure, a pack of peonies is pure splendor.  And the sweet scent of long stem roses wafts wonderfully to our noses.  But we’d like Mom’s gift to be a touch more thoughtful this year. We’re looking for something that’s as refreshing as a pocketful of posies, but a bit more unexpected.  Here’s our roundup of floral-inspired gifts for Mothers’ Day.

Unusual Mothers Day Gifts: Floral-Inspired Ideas for Mothers’ Day

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Floral Still Life Art Print, $53.00 from Etsy
And if you're still stuck on the idea of a flower bouquet, then go with artist Marci Cheary's intricately designed print.  Not only will it add a bunch of lovely to the room.  It will instill the freshness of flowers.. forever.

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