There’s a relatively new store in the New York area that has joined H&M on my list of bargain shopping must stops. I’ve been a bit reluctant to write about the store, called UNIQLO,  because all their US stores are located in the NY/NJ area (but it has 700+ stores worldwide), thus leaving out 95% of the country, but the store is so good, that I just had to write about it.

Uniqlo Premium Denim

Straight outta of Tokyo, the store offers premium quality goods at relatively afford prices.  Their premium denim jeans look like high-end, but at $39.50 and $59.50, cost half the price.  Plus, UNIQLO denim is made of better quality denim than the more expensive brands (thus providing even more support to my thesis that most jeans are WAY over-priced).

From the folks at UNIQLO:

UNIQLO only uses Ring denim, which has a textured surface and is woven from ring yarn to give the jeans a rugged and natural fade. To give its jeans the richest color possible, UNIQLO’s partner denim producer uses a technique called rope dyeing, which keeps the core of each thread white, while giving the perimeter a beautiful indigo color.  All of the men’s and women’s denim for the spring collection comes from Japan, with nearly all of it sourced from Kaihara, a premium denim producer founded in 1893 and one of the world’s most renowned denim suppliers.

While the jeans are great, UNIQLO is most known for its amazing selection of cashmere sweaters in every color under the rainbow. Think 400 square feet of cashmere sweaters… all priced under $60. I’ve never been to a place that had as big of a selection of quality cashmere sweaters, for the ENTIRE family (men, women, and kids) for such a good price, in my entire life.  It’s like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of Cashmere Sweaters. In fact, I think Mr. Wonka would even be impressed.

One thing to note…It’s a Japanese store, so it has Japanese sizing.  Don’t go there expecting to find a pair of rocking jeans if you’re a size 16 or bigger. However, for petite budget fashionistas, it is one of the only “low-priced/specialty retailer” type stores that sells clothing that is more in scale with your body type.

Visit the SoHo Flagship Store

546 Broadway, NY, NY
Mon-Sat   : 10AM-9PM
Sun       : 11AM-8PM

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