UNIQLO Two Jeans for $49.90

UNIQLO, the Japanese H&M, now has women’s (and men’s) jeans for two for $49.90.

The jeans, which are made of the good denim, not that papery thin stuff that you wash once and falls apart, come in a variety of styles (colored skinny, embellished and cropped are not on sale). The downside? The stores are only located in the New York City area and if you’ve got back (meaning you have hips and/or wear over a size 12), skip this store all together and head to Old Navy to purchase a pair of $19 jeans.

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  1. Chris says

    I actually missed this sale but it didn’t really matter. The first pair of jeans I ever got from Uniqlo are still going strong, which is more than I can say for some pairs of jeans that I’ve paid double the price for!

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